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Us Girl Trapped In Washing Machine For 90 Minutes

India could get second time zone The girl was playing hide and seek with go!! her sister and cousins in her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, when she decided the washer was a great hiding spot. The unnamed girl got stuck in the machine and despite her family's best efforts, she had to be freed by emergency services. She suddenly found herself stuck inside the machine, because the door only opened until it touched the attached dryer overhead, 'New York Daily News' reported. The frantic girl was still wedged inside the washing machine when her mother dialled 911. Firefighters managed to pull the girl free - after about 90 minutes inside the machine. For NDTV Updates,
Full story: http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/us-girl-trapped-in-washing-machine-for-90-minutes-467147

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